`V)` $\text{Read an extract of the article and answer the questions:}$ In clothing terms it is the great levele

`V)` $\text{Read an extract of the article and answer the questions:}$
In clothing terms it is the great leveler; neither scruffy nor stuffy, worn sloppily with jeans or neatly under tailored clothes, it never seems out of place. As Christophe Lemaire of fashion label Lacoste explains: “Sportswear has been the main style revolution of the past fifty years and, after jeans, the polo shirt is its biggest icon.” And yet anybody can wear a polo shirt. Although it has certainly had its fashion highs and lows, essentially the man in the street will wear it any time.
Certainly, at polo matches, the polo shirt transcends any kind of issues of fashion. But more than any other item of clothing that has ever migrated from specialist sportswear to everyday wear more than football shirts or baseball caps the polo shirt has cut its ties with its roots and now stands alone. For many, the polo shirt suggests youth rebellion before it recalls sporting greats. Fred Perry was a champion tennis player, but the British brand that takes his name has seen its polo shirt rooted in pivotal style movements associated with youth culture from the 1960s to the present day.
`1.`$\textit{In the first paragraph, the writer is keen to stress _________}$
A. how versatile the polo shirt has proved to be.
B. how consistently fashionable the polo shirt has been.
C. how the polo shirt has lost some of its original appeal.
D. how the polo shirt has influenced trends in sportswear.
`2.`$\textit{What is suggested about the polo shirt in the second paragraph?}$
A. It has increased the fashionable appeal of polo.
B. It is no longer connected to polo in people’s minds.
C. It has changed in ways that now make it unsuitable for polo.
D. Its links with youth culture have made it less popular amongst polo players.

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