Viết là thư về thiếu kỹ năng giao tiếp các nhân ( bằng tiếng anh )

Viết là thư về thiếu kỹ năng giao tiếp các nhân ( bằng tiếng anh )

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  1. Life is richer and more convenient with modern technologies. However, there are people who are so “engrossed” in communication due to overuse of technology that they forget to have face-to-face conversations as well as real-life relationships. We can understand “communication” as exchange, contact with each other. Specifically, between people and people, communication can be through: verbal or non-verbal (including body language).
    “Technology” is a general term that refers to modern technical means and machines, such as: telephones, computers, etc. Currently, going out to cafes on weekends is more crowded than usual. It’s easy to see the picture: Each table has 5-7 people, but all the time they sit together, they sip coffee together, but no one talks to anyone but exchanges with others through technological means. Even in work, love or family relationships, many people prefer to talk online.
    Many young people today are too lazy to communicate, too much abuse of chat tools on social networks. The reason for the above situation is that some of you are still too dependent on technology and do not know how to control yourself. As a result, communication by face-to-face conversation is increasingly rejected: When chatting online, it is very intimate, but when meeting outside, it is completely ignored as if they never knew each other.Relationships are broken or lost: Close relationships between family members, friends, and society are increasingly “fading”, making it difficult to understand and sympathize with each other. To improve the situation, let’s do it through the slogan: “Shut down the computer, go out and meet someone”, or “Face your problem, don’t bring it up on Facebook”. Everyone needs to know how to control their own technology use.

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