Viết đoạn văn (5-7 câu) về 1 trải nghiệm (đi chơi ở đâu đó) bằng T.A

Viết đoạn văn (5-7 câu) về 1 trải nghiệm (đi chơi ở đâu đó) bằng T.A

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  1. There are many events in my life. But the event that I remember the most was my 7th birthday. That day my mother bought me a lot of candies. I invited a lot of friends. People came to my house and gave me presents. My friends and I ate candy, fruit, and birthday cake together. We are all very happy. After everyone left, I began to explore gifts. This is the first time I have received so many gifts. I arranged the gifts neatly on the shelf. My favorite gift is a new set of clothes. I remember I always wanted to wear that new outfit. Time passed, the birthday of that year has passed, but the joy it brought is forever. Thank you to my parents and friends for giving me such a memorable day.
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  2. At the weekend, I had a very fun outing with my friends at the swimming club. Our place to visit is the “Vietnam Museum of Ethnology”.

    The group met in front of the school gate, then walked to the bus stop not far away. We drove for about an hour. Upon arrival, Hoa went to buy tickets, then the whole group went to visit each area.
    The museum is divided into three main exhibition areas: the Drum Dong building, the outdoor exhibition area (Architectural Garden), and the Kite building (Southeast Asia exhibition area). First, we visited the area of ​​the Drum Dong building. This is the place to display and introduce the identity of fifty-four ethnic groups. There are many artifacts, videos, and pictures depicting daily life, costumes, clothes, agricultural tools, and religious beliefs as well as the customs of ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

    Out of the Drum, Dong building is an outdoor exhibition area. There are many houses of ethnic minorities such as communal houses of the Bana people, long stilt houses of the Ede people, stilt houses of the Tay people, half stilt houses, and half earthen houses of the Dao people, and the ground floor roofed with shingles. pom house of the Hmong people, tile houses of the Vietnamese people, low stilt houses of the Cham people, stilt houses of the Ha Nhi people, collective grave houses of Giarai people, and individual tombs of Cotu people… Everyone expressed interest. and took a lot of beautiful pictures. At noon, the whole group ate, drank, and chatted happily.

    The final destination is the Southeast Asia exhibition area. This building consists of four floors modeled in the shape of a Kite. This place often exhibits cultures outside Vietnam (Southeast Asian Culture, Indonesian Glass Painting, A Glimpse of Asia and Around the World)… Thanks to that, I also understand more about the cultures of countries in the country. Southeast Asia region.

    The trip has ended. But I feel very cheerful and happy. This trip has helped me gain more knowledge, as well as understand more about my friends.


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