97. Listen! Ha (sing)________________________a song in the living room. 98. Every night, We (go)________________________to be

97. Listen! Ha (sing)________________________a song in the living room.
98. Every night, We (go)________________________to bed at 10p.m
99. Giang (like)_______________Music but I (like)____________________Math
100. Now, they (stay)___________________________in Hue .
101. My father (read)__________________________a newspaper in the morning
102. Look! Ha (run)______________________.
103. Trang usually (listen)____ to the teacher in the class, but she (not listen)_____now.
104. Where _____________________ your sister(be)?
105. -She (be)________ living room. She (listen) ______to music.
106. ____________they (go) to school by bus every day?
107. There(be)___________many flowers in our garden.
108. Everyday, Mr.Huy (not go)_______________________to work by car.
109. In the autumn, I rarely (go)_______ sailing and (go)________ to school.
110. I (write)_____________________ a letter to my friend now.
111. At 12 a.m every day, I (have)_______ lunch and (go)________ to bed.
112. On Monday, I (have)____________ math and Art.
113. On Friday, she (have)____________ English.
114. At the moment, I (eat)______an orange and my sisters (play) ___Tennis.
115. Now, He (look)_______ his cat . It (eat)______ a mouse in the garden.
116. Phong, An , Ha, Lan (be)__________________ close friend.
117. ___________your mother(walk)_________to market?
118. It (be)__________10.00.We (learn)___________________our lesson.
119. What___________you (do)____________now?
120. __________your mother (walk) to work every day?
121. They (not play)________________soccer in the morning.
122. ____________Hai(work)____________in the garden at the moment?
123. My brother (do)________his homework in his room now.
124. James and his brother (play)______________soccer at the moment. They (play)_________________ it every afternoon.
125. Where________________the old man (live)___________now?
126. Mr. Smith often (teach)____ class 4A, but this morning he (teach)_____class 4B.
127. It’s 7.30 now. She (study)_______________ science in the classroom.
128. Where’s John? He ________(listen) to a new CD in his room.

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