Các bạn nhanh lên nhé chỉ cần ghi đáp án ra thôi bạn nào nhanh nhất mình tick cho 1. what does Mrs. Smith do?- She a A. farm

Các bạn nhanh lên nhé chỉ cần ghi đáp án ra thôi bạn nào nhanh nhất mình tick cho
1. what does Mrs. Smith do?- She a
A. farm               B. policeman             C. doctor                D. businessman
2. What do you like?- I like warm weather.
A. season            B. activity                 C. weather               D. sport
3. It usually in March.
A. to rains           B. rain                       C. raining               D. rains
4. weather is often cool in Sapa.
A. The                B. No                         C. A                        D. Some
5. Whats lunch, Ben?- There some rice and some fish.
A.at                     B.in                           C. of                        D. for
6. How does your father often treval to Ninh Binh City?- train.
A. On                  B. At                         C. By                       D. In
7. What are her eye?- Black.
A. time                B. class                     C. colour                  D. subject
8. a letter here you.
a. Its/ on             B. Its/ for                 C. There s/ for          D. It has/ on
9.She is working in the garden. She look ……
A. hungry           B.tired                       C. interesting            D. thirsty
10.Odd one out
A.dog                  B.cow                       C.pig                         D.string
11. We shouldnt ….a lot of in the evening.
A.eat                   B.to eat                     C.eats                        D. eating
12. Whats the matter. Danny?-Im…..
A.nice                 B.cold                       C. big                        D. tall
13. The boy …… his teacher some beautyful flower
A.like to give     B like giving            C. like gives          D. would like to give
14. ……. about going to Nha Trang?
A. Why              B. What                    C. Where                D. When
15. We have a lots of ……. in the summer
A. rain                B. raining                  C. rains                  D. rainy 
16. There are twelve months in the a ……..
A. week                B. year                      C. weekend            D. daily
17. They buy some fruit but ………. vegetables
A. some               B.any                         C. little                  D. no
18. …….. walk on the grass!
A. No                   B. Not                        C. Dont                D. Doesnt
19 Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently
A. camp               B. table                       C. travel                D. match

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