giúp mik vs Topic:Talk about the city in the world Topic:Talk about the sport/game you like

giúp mik vs
Topic:Talk about the city in the world
Topic:Talk about the sport/game you like

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  1. Topic:Talk about the city in the world
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    When we mention Japan, people will immediately think of the prosperous Tokyo City which is busy all day and night. It has a diversity culture, and it is a combination of modern and traditional values. When people arriving in Tokyo, they will have chance to admire ones of the most modern buildings of the world. People can see the overview of the beautiful Tokyo from Tokyo Sky Tree Tower – the pride of the city. On the fine days, people can see Mount Fuji which is covered by snow from this tower. Japan is the nation traditional festivals which take place throughout the year. If we come to Tokyo those holidays, it will be our unforgettable experience because there will be many interesting things awaiting us. In spring, around from the last week of March to the second week of April is the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival, and it is an occasion for everyone to see Tokyo being covered in the pink of flowers. In summer, we will have the opportunity to watch the colorful fireworks festival which is held on the Sumida River flowing through Tokyo. Next, the bright red color of the leaves, the pleasant atmosphere of Tokyo’s autumn sky will make you want to stay here forever. If we hate the heat of the summer, we can come to see a city that is covered in a pristine layer of white snow. There are a lot of unique and interesting things about Tokyo. The mix of natural scenery and architecture and the combination between tradition and modernity have created an impressive Tokyo city.
    Topic:Talk about the sport/game you like
    Volleyball has always been my favorite sport since I was a little kid. It is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Most volleyball matches last between 60 and 90 minutes. I started playing volleyball professionally for my school team when I was in grade nine. Usually, I play volleyball with my friends after school. However, when there is a competition, we will practice more. I love volleyball because it is amazing team sport. Playing it helps me learn how to interact and corporate properly with my teammates. I also widen my relationship circle thanks to volleyball. In the future, I want to play for the national team.

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    Topic: Talk about the city in the world
    One of the nicest cities I have ever visited is Sydney. I arrive there with my family and stayed in a modern hotel. Sydney is the largest, oldest, and perhaps the most beautiful city in Australia. Its harbor is one of the largest in the world and famous for the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The streets in the city center and narrow with many art galleries, restaurants,pubs, therefore, I and my đa rented bikes to discover the city. My mom and my sister went shopping and took a lot of photos at the beach. All in all, I really like Sydney.
    Topic: Talk about the sport/game you like
    As you know, there are many kinds of sports such as football, volleyball, and swimming,…but I like walking best. It’s an individual or team sport.I get up early to jog with my mother for 30 minutes and I feel better. Going for a walk is very easy to do and doesn’t cost much because the only thing you need is a pair of shoes. You can wear clothes you like. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy it. Walking for 30 minutes every day is very good for our health. It is a fun, easy and inexpensive activity

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