write a paragraph about lead for green club ways using 5wh

write a paragraph about lead for green club ways using 5wh

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  1. 5W1H is a familiar model used in many fields from marketing, SEO, to business. In fact, businesses face a lot of problems every day, it is very easy to not be able to find a specific solution. 5W1H is a tool to help businesses shape things in a specific and right way.
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  2. Environment is the living space of people and other living things on Earth. However, today the environment is facing serious pollution. So what is the environment? What is the role of the environment for humans? What measures to build a club with green environment? Let’s find out with this passage! Environment is a familiar concept to everyone because it is ubiquitous. It includes natural material elements that exist outside of human subjective will and man-made factors. The environment is a necessary and sufficient condition, playing the most important role for humans. Humans, whether directly or indirectly, need to depend on the environment. Currently, environmental pollution is taking place seriously and raising alarm bells for all continents in the world. Air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion, permafrost melting at the poles, climate change, global warming,… are phrases that appear constantly in newspapers and television channels. pine. It is necessary to take quick measures to remedy the above situation:
    – Actively plant more trees. Because trees are the main source of oxygen and are considered as “air filters” for the environment, reducing erosion;
    – Use clean natural energy sources. Instead of using energy sources that are harmful to the environment, it is necessary to increase the use of available clean energy sources such as wind, sunlight,…;
    – Limit chemicals, instead use natural materials to ensure health and protect the environment
    – Limit the use of plastic bags and plastic items. Plastic bags and plastic items take thousands of years to biodegrade in the natural environment, so replace them with paper bags, leaf bags, bamboo baskets,…
    – To plan industrial parks rationally and scientifically. Factories and enterprises should be concentrated in clusters, in areas far from residential areas. Install standard waste treatment systems.

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