write about ( 90 – 100 words) to say about your house

write about ( 90 – 100 words) to say about your house

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  1. My house is not built of reinforced concrete. It is made of rustic bamboo wood, simply a memory of my grandfather’s time. The house consists of three rooms: living room, bedroom, and dining room; Every room is neat. Going somewhere, as soon as I step into the house, I feel very cool. The rooms are decorated to look aesthetically pleasing. The first room has an altar cabinet and a set of incense wooden chairs. On the left is a TV cabinet. This is also the living room and the place where my family gathers in the evening. Next to the bedroom is divided into 3 compartments. A room for parents, a room for two younger siblings, both as a place to sleep and as a place to study at home. I feel so comfortable and at ease. Going deeper inside is the kitchen. The small room had a window overlooking the field behind. I love my house very much. Because it holds so many beautiful memories. That’s how my dear home and life are, I feel happy to be in this house.
    \neq NH

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