đặt 5 câu what about/how about+S+V ( present simple)

đặt 5 câu what about/how about+S+V ( present simple)

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  1. – What about:
    VD: What about going to the cinema this weekend?
    – What about playing badminton before having the shower?
    – What about having dinner at 7p.m?
    – What about seeing monkeys at the zoo? 
    – What about drinking a coffee before they go?
    – How about:
    VD: How about eating cakes before going to the cinema?
    – How about telling a ghost story before going to bed?
    – How about playing computer games when staying at home?
    – How about watching this film?
    – How about doing yoga? 
    – Cấu trúc: How about/What about + doing sth: Đề nghị, gợi ý làm gì?

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  2. How about going out for a walk?
    What about staying at home and watching BTS’s new MV?
    How about feeding your cats?
    What about buying many beautiful dolls to celebrate her birthday?
    How about following me to Jimin’s house?
    *Cấu trúc How/What about+doing st 
     Còn cấu trúc Let’s/ Shall we mới dùng với V bare nhé em!^^

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