Tet holiday how did it start?

Tet holiday

how did it start?

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  1. Giải đáp + Lời giải và giải thích chi tiết: They can makes banh Chung, jams, … After that, they buy kumquat trees and blossum peaches. As you know tet is the favourite festivals ò students in the ửold because they like get lucky money.

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  2. $⇒$ Tet holiday starts by marking the first day of Lunar New Year and the beginning of spring in Northern Vietnam. The holiday dates back to the early days when the Vietnamese settled in the Red River Delta, when Tet meant a new cycle of wet rice cultivation. Today, the meaning of the holiday goes much deeper than its agricultural roots. Vietnamese culture emphasizes the importance of a blessed new beginning, surrounded by family and loved ones.

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