`Viết` bài văn bằng tieng anh về sở thích “???????????? ???????????? ????????????” |???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????| Y/c: cấm

`Viết` bài văn bằng tieng anh về sở thích “???????????? ???????????? ????????????”

|???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????|

Y/c: cấm chép mạng,coppy,viết ra giấy càng tốt

Mà viết máy cx đc ,/dài tầm 15 câu thôi/

Chủ yếu là phần “How to do”

Giúpppp nhaa

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  1. I’m N P Linh thao . My hobby is collecting stamps. Collecting stamps makes me very happy. How to Do this will protect the environment. I also collect stamps from many countries around the world. I love collecting stamps. The stamps I collect have a lot of interesting color pictures. The textures on the stamps make many people fall in love. I have
    collected more. In the near future I will collect more beautiful and precious stamps. It is interesting to collect stamps.
    Nhiều thì trong đoạn văn mik ko nhớ

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  2. Giải đáp + Giải thích bước giải:
    Bài tự làm, em tham khảo ^^
    I love collecting stamps. I have collected a wide variety of stamps nearby and around the world for over 15 years. Mine currently has 500 different stamps. At first, I used to collect stamps from the letters I received. There are a few particularly uncommon and important stamps among them. As I got older, I started searching for and buying stamps from different groups and individuals. At the time I collect stamps, I can delve deeper into the world through the photos on them. In many cases, they are verifiable local or famous people. Moreover, collecting stamps showed me some self-control and orderly way of working. I will continue to enrich the stamp collection later on

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