50đ giúp với ạ, em cảm ơn trước ạ Ex 7: Gạch chân đáp án đúng 82) The book is divided (to/in/into/for) three parts. 83) I wro

50đ giúp với ạ, em cảm ơn trước ạ
Ex 7: Gạch chân đáp án đúng
82) The book is divided (to/in/into/for) three parts.
83) I wrote to the company asking them (to/for/about/with) more information about the job.
84) Many people regard him (as/to/in/of) one of the greatest pianists in the world.
85) Our teacher was very kind (of/to/for/with) us.
86) Her children are very quick (with/about/at/for) computer games.
87) This kind of music is popular (for/to/with/about) the young.
88) Boys are fond (in/of/on/at) playing football.
89) Last week the beach was overcrowded (of/over/with/for) people.
90) Shes very worried (for/with/at/about) her mothers health.
91) Why are these two schools different (to/from/with/at) each other?
92) Most children are ill-prepared (to/for/from/at) employment.
93) Four-fifths of the worlds computers use programs (at/in/on/about) English.
94) Attending all the lectures is important (to/with/at/in) us.
95) English belongs (from/to/on/in) those who use it.
96) Clean air provides us (for/at/with/about) a healthy supply of oxygen.
97) My brother is very interested (in/at/on/about) chess but he is not good at it.
98) I dont think he was present (in/at/on/of) the meeting yesterday.
99) Are you serious (for/about/with/over) learning to be an architect?
100) She has become very famous (for/at/on/with) her novels.
101) Mary always take good care (for/of/to/with) her children.
102) Henry was born (on/in/at/to) 1992.
103) Lisa is very good (at/with/in/about) chemistry.
104) The forest fire went (after/off/out/along) after two days.
105) I always find it hard to keep pace (up/with/for/on) Nam, one of the best students in my class.
106) What do you often do (in/on/at/of) the evening?
107) Smoking is not good (for/at/about/of) our health.
108) The interview was broadcast (on/in/at/for) radio and television.
109) That farmer succeeded (on/in/at/with) raising fish.
110) Clean air is necessary (with/for/about/of) our health.
111) The future of a country depends (in/at/on/from) the youth.
112) There is a great difference (from/between/about/for) these two things.
113) My father is used (to/on/in/at) living in the countryside.
114) My father isnt pleased (for/about/with/from) my work.
115) Many people are involved (on/in/of/at) the use of English.
116) English provides ready access (with/to/for/of) the world scholarship.
117) She is always fed up (at/with/for/about) washing dishes after dinner.
118) The roofs are covered (with/about/by/for) red tiles.
119) My father insisted (in/on/of/at) building a new house.
120) We are looking forward (in/at/for/to) seeing you again.

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