I / enjoy / cook > I / not do / my home work / yet > I / would like / visit / museum of ethulogy /

I / enjoy / cook


I / not do / my home work / yet


I / would like / visit / museum of ethulogy / this wee kend


1.Lasnight,she watched a________film on TV

A.bore B.boring. C.bored. D.boredom

2.The volunteers have to work much________usual to save the dying animals from the forest fire

A.as hard as. B.more hard. C.harder than. D.more harder than

3.Martin is________than I am

A.more intelligent. B.much. C.best intelligent

D.farming tools

4.In the home of the ethnic minortiy people,the__________is often placed in the middle

A.table. B.TV. C.altar. D.stilt

5.The boys are learning hard________they are having math ex ams next week

A.so. B.but. C.although. D.because

6.Children in this town want_________kites on summer afternoon

A.fly. B.flying. C.to fly. D.flies

7.Lan looks different_________her farther

A.from. B.with. C.at. D.for

8.they(live)__________a nomadic

9.Last week,I (go)__________on a trip to the countryside

10.She enjoys(cook)__________

11.A lion runs___________than a horse(fast)

12.Aracing___________drives more skillfully than a normal motorist (drive)

13.It takes Lan 30 minutes to pick 10 kilograms of apple,but it takes her sister only 20 minutes

>Lans sister________(fast)

14.I went to the party early at 7.00p.m however,Hoa had already been there

>Hoa went_________(early)

15.Watching historical films is very interesting to


16.She always a goes out with her priends at the wee kend


17.Mr Pike is a big for of water poto

>Mr Pike_________(ford)

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