write your ideas about the interesting activities in spare time for teenagers.

write your ideas about the interesting activities in spare time for teenagers.

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  1. You’re a student with free time. What do you typically do in your downtime? Do you like to watch TV, listen to music, browse the web, play video games, etc.? Have you ever considered investing your free time in activities that advance your knowledge and abilities? I think the finest thing you can do with your free time is read. 
    When you have leisure time, you should read books rather than watch TV or browse the internet. The books typically include some knowledge about a variety of topics, including love, abilities, animals and plants,… You can read books on self-improvement, specialist topics, literature in foreign languages, etc. Your knowledge system will be improved by the information in these books, which can also help you get over obstacles and deal with challenges in life. Additionally, reading is a great way to sharpen your memory and foster inventive and creative thinking!
    We greatly gain and are helped by reading books. The first is reading books that promote analytical and critical thinking abilities and attention. Your entire body, including your senses, is concentrated on your eyes when you read a book in order to follow each word, line by line. The hand flips each page while the mind concentrates on the information the book is referencing or considers how to follow the next chapter of the story without having to be concerned about anything else; only the brain and eyes are at work. You can train your mind to focus when reading while thinking and evaluating the story if you surround yourself with good and useful books on your area of interest and consume each page without looking away.
    The second advantage is that reading increases vocabulary. One of the many advantages of reading is the expansion of my vocabulary, which helped me communicate with others in an approachable and open manner. The knowledge is presented in the book in a very clear and succinct manner, and the readers will find the logic appealing. As a result, the more you read, the more knowledge you will absorb and the better you will be able to articulate yourself and tell logical stories that engage listeners due to your outstanding vocabulary and critical thinking skills. My writing abilities have also substantially increased during this time.
    The final reason I want to encourage you to read is that it is a stress-relieving activity. There are many different genres of books, including fiction, psychology, comedy, and biographies of famous people. These books don’t require a lot of information or thought on your part. can be compared to detective novels or economics textbooks. Their funny, organic, but sincere writing style will amuse you, make you laugh, and make you feel refreshed. You only need to act and feel like you’re outside watching a visually appealing, enjoyable movie right now. There are moments when it’s okay to let happy and angry feelings creep into the narrative.
    (*Đây là một bài văn về việc khuyên đọc sách trong thời gian rảnh rỗi. Nếu bạn cần đoạn văn hãy lấy những ý chính (phần gạch chân) và mở rộng khoảng 2-3 câu.)

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  2. There are a lot of activities that you can do in your leisure time. Some people are so tired of work that they prefer to use their free time just for resting and sleeping. Others spend their free time on their favorite activities. For example, they listen to music, play their favorite musical instrument, go on a picnic, take a trip, go to the nature and enjoy the fresh air, hang out with their friends, go partying, go shopping, visit their relatives, spend some time with their kids and play games with them, read and write, watch TV, watch movies or cartoons, go to the theatre, surf the net, cook, do some gardening, etc. Some people like me choose sports to enjoy their free time. Among different kinds of sports, I prefer basketball.

    When you play basketball with your teammates you have a chance to get rid of all the negative energies piled up in you throughout work or study time. Your body is wholly involved. Basketball involves both your mind and your body. It’s an extremely physical activity so that even your fingertips have to be strong. In basketball, you need both stamina and speed to be a successful player. It’s not that important if you’re not tall. Your strength is of much more importance. Both feet and hands must be strong. Even you need to be wise in this game. If you know where to stand so that your rival has a slight chance of blocking you, you’ll more successfully get close to the basket to shoot and score. Sometimes, being wise and finding the right place to stand and block the rival saves your team.

    Basketball is teamwork and this is what I like the most about this sport. You learn how to cooperate with other teammates. Sometimes, you must sacrifice yourself by blocking the rival so your teammate can find space to go to the basket and score. Passing the ball to other members of your team makes the chance of winning higher and higher.

    All in all, basketball is so fun if you play it in a group, not individually.


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