Viết một bài essay về deforestation

Viết một bài essay về deforestation

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  1. Today, deforestation has become one of the leading problems in many countries around the world. This essay will outline some of the reasons behind the problem, and some of its consequences.
    Many factors contribute to deforestation, of which the main driver is forest conversion – the clearing of natural forests for agricultural or industrial purposes. This is because the demand for land for infrastructure and urbanization or the production of agricultural goods and mineral resources is increasing rapidly; and in the last twenty years of the 20th century, almost one-fifth of the world’s forests were converted to other uses. In addition, forest fires are a leading cause of deforestation. Although wildfires are a natural phenomenon that occurs in most forest ecosystems, climate change (which causes drier weather) and poor land management (resulting in the accumulation of vegetation cover) unnaturally cause fires to burn more intensely) has led to intense wildfires, and thus millions of hectares of forests worldwide are burned every year.
    Consequences of deforestation include loss of natural habitats and accelerated global warming. First, because forests are home to most biological species, deforestation can negatively affect various plant and animal species due to the loss or degradation of their habitats. In particular, the removal of trees and other vegetation reduces food sources, shelters, and breeding grounds; and in the long run, deforestation could seriously threaten the Earth’s biodiversity. Furthermore, increasing deforestation will mean that large amounts of greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere. This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it inside them, and when they are cut down, the stored carbon is released back into the air, accelerating global warming. Specifically, it is estimated that each year, deforestation contributes about 10% to total global warming emissions
    In short, deforestation is a serious problem affecting many countries today. This is mainly due to forest conversion and increasing wildfires, and the consequences of this include loss of natural habitat and biodiversity as well as accelerating global climate change. bridge.

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