Write about the internet 80-100

Write about the internet 80-100

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  1. The Internet plays an important role in our modern life. However, every coin has two sides and we can find out pros and cons of the internet by my following provement.

    The Internet is a breakthrough in developing technology. It brings us wonderful advantages. First, education is more and more improved due to appearance of the internet. Students can learn and look for basic knowledge online without spending too much time in the libarary. This leads to the fact that it is very convenient for both teachers and students to broaden their perception. Second, the internet shorten the distance of people even though they are very far from each other. Skype or Yahoo are good ways for them to contact and have fun. It is true to say that distance is not a big problem in such a developing technology world. Third, the internet makes everything easier and faster. For example, we can send or receive documentary through email for a short time wwhile 10 years ago, we need to wait foe 3 or 4 days to send to a far distence.

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  2. The Internet is a very popular and popular social networking site. It has a lot of good things, but there are also many disadvantages for us when we do not know how to use the Internet. The benefit of Inter is to help us improve our understanding, make more friends via the Internet, help us solve problems such as math problems through websites, open rich entertainment websites for them. after a tiring day at work. In short, the Internet has many benefits for today’s society.
    Internet là trang mạng xã hội rất phổ biến và được ưa chuộng. Nó có rất nhiều những thứ bổ nghĩa khiến nhưng cũng có nhiều mặt hại cho chúng ta khi không biết cách sử dụng Internet. Lợi ích của Inter là giúp ta nâng cao hiểu biết, kết giao với được nhiều bạn bè hơn qua mạng
    Internet, giúp ta giải các bài tập như bài tập toán qua các trang web, mở ra những trang web giải trí phong phú cho chúng ta sau một ngày làm việc mệt mỏi. Nói tóm lại Internet có rất nhiều lợi ích đối với xã hội hiện nay

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