Write a garagraph about your best memory in your life

Write a garagraph about your best memory in your life

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    The most beautiful school memory in my life is a school with grandeur and splendor. The classrooms always resound with the kind words of the teachers, the loud speeches in front of the class or the laughter of the young and innocent students of the students’ friends. School is an ideal place for everyone, a place to study, a place to play and a place to connect with teachers and friends. I love the middle school environment that I experienced. Every piece of land, every other space, every minute, every stone bench is in my life’s best memories of going to school or playing with friends. The tree was still standing there, the leaves were still scaly, just like the day when I was surprised when I entered the first grade, surprised to see the large yard. Everything there will stay the same, only we will grow up, and the good memories will gradually fade. In that instant, in middle school, more than four years have passed, and now I am a ninth grader, no longer the days when I was a toddler. I wish time would stop so that I could be a high school student forever, so that I could live forever under the good memories.
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  2. The memories of the first day of school when entering grade 1 I still remember vividly . Early morning , my mother called me up to prepare for personal hygiene and breakfast . After , my mother let me wear a clean white dress and put on a new briefcase that my mother bought me on the opening day . My mother told me to politely greet my teachers when I meet them . When I went to school, I like many other children, eagerly looked forward to taking classes with new friends. The first day of school in the morning of autumn and September, the clear blue sky and fresh cool wind left me with many beautiful memories of the student journey.

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